Managing your medication

Taking a variety of different tablets in differing amounts at specific times can be very challenging. We can help you address this challenge by supporting you to manage your medication

We will remind you to take your medication and will assist you to take the right medication or give full support accordingly.

We can also discuss your health needs with you in general, and if our team determines that you need an appointment with a healthcare professional, then we can support you to make the appointment and accompany you, should you wish so.

Taking the stress out of medication

Another way we can help is to support you to have your prescribed medication put into a Monitored Dosage System by a qualified nurse or pharmacist. You will still have to take your medication at the right time, but you won't have to worry about organising them for ease of management, or wondering whether you have taken your medication or not, as it will be clearly organized.

We can organise your prescriptions for you

Remembering to obtain and renew prescribed medication can be a significant chore. We can ensure that your prescription are prepared on time, and we can then collect your prescription items from the chemist when they are ready, and bring them to you at home.
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