Perhaps you just need company?

Even in a busy community, and across a big extended family, life can sometimes be lonely. We've found that many clients don't necessarily need a lot of help, but would sometimes like a companion to support them during various activities: someone they can chat and discuss things with, at home or out-and-about.

If there's room in your life for a friend like that, we can help. One of our team of care and support workers can visit you or accompany you and add a vital human element to your day. They will be more than just a passing acquaintance. They will become a trusted, friendly companion.

Typical activities that service users enjoy with a companion from Caremark's staff include:

  • Walking the dog
  • Going to bank or such errands
  • Shopping for food, clothes or other items
  • Going to leisure and social activities
  • Sharing a friendly chat over a cup of tea
  • Company while pursuing hobbies
  • Going to a day service
  • Visiting a community centre
  • Using public transport
  • Company and transport for doctor and hospital appointments

And it's good to have someone to refer to...

Care and support workers are willing and able to spend time helping you to master the difficulties of modern life, such as:

  • Learning how to use a mobile phone, TV remote control or computer
  • Paying bills and understanding financial documents
  • Getting funding advice or help with claiming benefits

It's all about you and what you need!

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"Mr T had been out in his garden and had enjoyed sitting outside with Vera: “Vera is helping me to get better and be more independent again."