Caremark : Care in your own home

There is no place like home. This is our guiding philosophy.  

Our services seek to enable you to remain living in your home as long as possible.

Caremark has been addressing the needs of thousands of customers throughout the UK and Ireland for many years. We are now also operating in Malta as Caremark (Malta) and seeking to reach out to the needs of individuals living across the islands of Malta and Gozo.  

We seek to care for individuals of all ages and all abilities. We will come to your home and will, indeed, care for you in the best way we possibly can, but we will surely not seek to replace anyone who already offers care and support in your home, and moreover we will not seek to do that which you are capable of doing independently!    

Our individually tailored care provision may comprise a 30-minutevisit once a week, or may comprise a commitment as long and extensive as a 24/7 care and support.  

Our carer and support workers are fully qualified and trained in line with training programmes offered by all Caremark entities in the UK and Ireland. In addition, Caremark (Malta) operates in congruence with all the standards monitored by the Care Quality Commission in the UK. Excellent quality of care is thus guaranteed! 
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"Very good service and a very friendly carer. Arrived 2 minutes early every day - 'I could set my watch by her!"