Over the last 2 years Caremark (Malta) has established itself as one of the leading care companies in the country. Equipped with a team of appropriately and adequately trained care and support workers, directed by a professional management body, Caremark (Malta) is currently committed to providing care and support to a number of families, households and care entities across the island.

Caremark has found its place across lists of home care services, recommended by doctors and all other health and social professionals across both the private and public sectors. We take pride in this. Achieving the support of health and social professionals is great. Translating this achievement into an opportunity to care for you in your own home is an even greater one. We look forward to being privileged to doing so.  

You can be entirely confident that we will provide you with highly professional standards of care on behalf of whoever recommends our services. 


The operations of Caremark (Malta)  are organized and delivered in strict adherence to the legislation of Malta.  Our policies, processes and standards are in full congruence with those practiced y Caremark offices across the UK and Ireland.

Moreover, all operations of this local franchise, that is Caremark (Malta), are monitored and directed by Caremark head office management in the UK. Should you be interested in reviewing Caremark's extensive operations across the UK, you are invited to visit the respective website on Caremark (Malta) collaborates with a number of major care entities on the island in both the public and private sector. These include Hospice, Dar tal Providenza and Dar il Kaptan.
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"Full marks to the service Caremark offer. The carers have been very professional, friendly, hardworking and caring."